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Help & FAQs

Technical Questions

Why won't my large email send?

Our WiFi will enable:

- Emails (without large attachments)

- Surfing the internet 

- Connectivity for smart phone/tablet apps

- On-train stored content such as basic travel and timetable information

- On-train fixed media content, such as news, TV shows and movies

Will my emails sent whilst on board be secure?

The WiFi services are public and are not a secure means of communication and any information that you supply to any third parties when using the WiFi services may not be kept confidential

Can I download a movie and watch it at a later date?

No, you can only watch the movies whilst on board and connected to our WiFi

Which browsers/devices are best to use?

This portal is optimised for the following:

- Windows 10 and Firefox (latest)

 - Windows 10 and Chrome (latest)

- Windows 10 and Edge (latest and previous version)

- macOS with Safari (latest)

- Chrome (latest) on Android 7, 8

- Safari on iOS 10 and 11+

- Chrome (latest) on iOS 11

- Windows 7 with Chrome

Please note that Internet Explorer is not currently supported. 

For watching video content, the best browsers to use are Chrome (Android) and Safari (Apple). 

Motion questions

There's some entertainment I'd like to see but it isn't available?

If you have any suggestions about what you'd like more or less of, or an idea of something totally new then please email us on and we'll try to make it happen! 

How often is the content updated?

We update some or all of the channels at least once a month. If the content hasn't been updated then we'll get some good stuff to replace it soon

If you have any technical queries, please contact: